GoodCall Features Nonprofit Career Advice from YWPN CMO


We asked 22 people who work at non-profits:

Why do you like working for a non-profit? Why should more college grads look for work in the non-profit sector? 

Juliette Coulter, Chief Marketing Officer, Young Women’s Preparatory Network, said, “For graduates thinking of a career in the nonprofit arena, ask yourself if there are causes about which you are passionate. Do you like rolling up your sleeves and working hard? Do you like wearing a lot of hats? Do you like a fast-paced environment? Do you mind starting at the bottom and working your way up? Are you willing to have a great attitude and do what it takes for the betterment of the nonprofit? If so, you might just be cut out for the nonprofit world, and I encourage you to jump in feet first. You won’t have any regrets.”