Girls Innovate: YWPN STEM Team Challenge

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The Girls Innovate: YWPN STEM Challenge at NorthPark Center will be a fun-filled and educational afternoon of innovative STEM ideas, friendly competition, and community awareness.

Join us at NorthCourt, Level One between Nordstrom and Macy’s, to view the projects and vote for your favorite! Or vote online between October 27 and November 3.

Donations received online will be combined with day-of donations on November 4 to determine the People’s Choice winner.

Teams & Projects

Aesthetic Kinetic — The Future of Play

High School Innovation Award: Science

Welcome to the Playground of the Future, one that converts kinetic energy into electrical energy through the concept of piezoelectricity.

We have designed an artistically pleasing “playground” that fits with NorthPark Center’s aesthetic for landscaping and architecture. We have created a device that has the ability to generate a sustainable amount of energy by way of mechanical stress created by movement that can then be applied to the different playground features.

People can see how much energy is being produced and how it is being used. Although we have created a “playground,” it does not look like your typical playground. It has a more aesthetic design to it, fitting perfectly into NorthPark Center’s theme.

Crystal Clear — Environmentally Friendly Workplace

Our project is an environmentally friendly workplace, called Clear Thinking, located in the gardens of NorthPark Center.

Clear Thinking includes tables, charging stations, beanbags and so much more for NorthPark customers. Clear Thinking is surrounded by clear plastic that surrounds the structure to protect it from weather and other issues that may arise.

This workplace will attract new customers, as well as increase revenue for NorthPark Center.

DDAVE — 21st Century Recycling

High School Innovation Award: Engineering

We have created a “disposal robot” to pick up recyclable items at NorthPark Center.

The “disposal robot” will take a recycling container throughout NorthPark Center and will be programmed to follow a designated path.

Once the container is full, the robot returns to its home and empties the container. At the end of the day, the robot returns to its charging pod to charge itself for the next day. In addition, when the robot detects its battery is low, it automatically returns to the pod to charge.

E=MC Hammer

High School Innovation Award: Technology

Hate wandering around the mall aimlessly? Want to plan out your stops beforehand? We would like to introduce you to NorthDirect, an application that allows you to control your visit to NorthPark Center.

This app, coded with Swift programming language, provides users with easy access to the amenities NorthPark has to offer at their fingertips. Not only will prospective consumers be able to digitally visit stores, locate artwork, and identify NorthParK Center entertainment, store employees can benefit greatly from using the app as well. The app allows store management the ability to effectively communicate with NorthPark Center which facilitates external and internal contact.

EpiCenter — 21st Century Store of the Future

Our project is the store of the future, but we decided to take it a little further.

This Center is a multi-purpose building that is surrounded by a miniature city that benefits the Center’s economy and vice versa.

The Center itself is an enclosure type building that has stores, food court, clinic, and gym, plus additional activities. Around the Center, we have the entertainment district and a community. The people that come to the Center can visit other people and do other activities.

We also have created two interactive apps, Parker and Molly. Parker is an interactive parking assistant designed to help people find their vehicle. Molly is an interactive app that serves as a store locator that helps customers find stores and provide promotions and sales information.

Green Light — A Solution for Traffic

Traffic. It’s a nuisance to us all, causing a sense of frustration and panic to be the only thing our minds can focus on, but our team, Green Light, has come up with an idea to help alleviate the stress of congestion inside NorthPark Center, as well as the parking lot.

With our app, you can find the fastest route to any store, shop while waiting for your food to be prepared, as well as be able to find a less crowded area in the parking lot. With our app, we are able to give the sense of relief that is felt when a red light flickers to green.

GRL Almighty — Kinetic Energy

Our project places tiles that convert kinetic energy into electricity on all the main entrances of NorthPark Center and the entrances of the department stores.

Lady Gems — Improving Technology

Our project is to make an app that is faster and easier to use.

Users of our app can receive notifications about the current events at NorthPark Center and sales at their preferred stores. The user also has the ability to rate stores and restaurants throughout NorthPark Center.

Our app can work on any device.

MEME — The NorthPark Experience App

Our app is designed to create an exciting opportunity for customers to interact within NorthPark Center.

Our app gives people an opportunity to choose specially curated packages that are themed and correspond with stores throughout the Center.

It’s designed to help a struggling guy trying to figure out the perfect date, or to help create a special “mommy and me” memory building day.

There are many experiences to choose from and it is truly an app for everyone who wants to make their time at NorthPark Center memorable.

Ninjaneers — Help for Lost Visitors

Our project is a Safety Box to assist lost NorthPark Center visitors.

Safety Boxes will be located out in the open to provide awareness and easy access. Once found by a lost person, a button covered by a plastic casing may be pushed and the signal for help will be sent to NorthPark Center Security and surrounding stores.

Additional features to ensure that the person remains in place until help arrives include: an introductory video informing the person of the help on the way, a video game to entertain, and a camera to capture a picture of the person’s face.

Phoenix — Improved Communication

Our project is an app that can be used by NorthPark Center employees, managers, and shoppers.

The app allows employees and managers to talk to and provide shoppers with information about the art displayed at NorthPark Center and the locations of stores, restaurants, and more.

Plaid Panthers — Helping Busy Working Mothers

Our project is a robot that allows busy working mothers the ability to shop at NorthPark Center from the convenience of their home.

Raliyan the Helping Hands — Supporting Charity Through Art

We have created the “Donation Stations.” This consists of multiple stations that act as a part of the art collection at Northpark Center.

Each station collects money from those who would like to donate. The donations are sent to important causes or charities around the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the state of Texas, and the world.

Security Chicks — 21st Century Security

The project is a small, discrete security drone that flies around NorthPark Center and its parking lot.

The drone allows NorthPark security to monitor patron safety discretely. Customers can also push a call button to request a drone follow them to their car at night for added safety.

Slam — A Win-Win Situation for NorthPark and Artists

High School Innovation Award: Best Math Utilized

Our project uses 21st century art to attract shoppers to NorthPark Center.

A glass enclosure showcases various artists such as painters, musicians, and dancers. Artists have the ability to lease the glass enclosure from NorthPark Center to display their art or use it as performance space.

The artists will attract more people to NorthPark Center and provide an audience for the artists.

Steminist — Technology to Protect Artwork

We have a 21st century solution to protect the paintings found at NorthPark Center from the harmful effects of bright sunlight.

We have created a motion-censored device that will open curtains whenever someone passes by the paintings. The curtains will allow for viewing of the artwork and also contain information on the artist and painting.

That Better Team — Noise Reduction

We have designed and created a prototype for a multifunctional sound barrier that will decrease the amount of noise experienced by shoppers at NorthPark Center.

The goal of the sound barriers is to improve the shopping experience at NorthPark Center. The sound barriers will not only function well, but will also add to the overall aesthetic of NorthPark Center.

The Aces — BEAUTY IN THE COURT: The Food Court of the Future

Middle School Innovation Award: Science

Our project increases the amount of handicapped accessible seating and improves the flow of the Food Court, making navigation between tables easier.

The Food Court of the Future includes improved aesthetics and kiosks from which patrons can order food, which are especially helpful for handicapped visitors.

The Food Court of the Future is presented in 2-D and 3-D models.

The Innovators — Revolutionizing the Future of NorthPark Center

Middle School Innovation Award: Technology

We have created a new app that has the potential to increase the profitability of NorthPark Center. Our app revolutionizes the future of NorthPark Center, bringing bountiful opportunities with it.

Our app displays basic and in-depth information to all. The app contains an improved communication network between NorthPark Center and store executives. Clientele can also access the application, but only those with specific credentials can log in to view more sensitive information.

Water Panthers — Making NorthPark Center Eco-Friendly

Middle School Innovation Award: Engineering
Best Overall Middle School
People’s Choice

The purpose or goal of our project is to make NorthPark Center more eco-friendly. We want to make NorthPark Center a better place for all.

Our project consists of drains with built-in filters that lead to an underground tank. From there, the water flows through pipes and into a small pond. Whenever water is needed inside NorthPark Center, the water can be taken from the pond.


Middle School Innovation Award: Best Math Utilized

We have designed the Store of the Future. Our store is for the visually-impaired. Visitors to our store will be able to buy or rent “enchroma” glasses. The product will give the users an opportunity to see the true colors of everything around them.

Z.A.N.E. — The Store of the Future

Best Overall High School

We have created a store that accommodates all shapes, sizes, and varying interests of different women and men. We have also created a way to increase the visual appeal of the store.

We have designed a method that allows both members and guests to tailor their clothes to meet personal expectations. We have also developed the idea to implant a version of a vending machine to distribute clothing for a neater look that would allow a larger catalog to be achieved in a smaller space.

Our store also utilizes avatars, which can be customized to personal measurement, so the customer may adjust and preview clothing before purchasing both tailored and original items.

View the project here:

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