preparation, access, confidence

Young Women’s Preparatory Network partners with public school districts to create innovative all-girls schools where each young woman receives:

  • Rigorous academic coursework in PREPARATION for college level academics,
  • Thorough college admissions advisement necessary to ACCESS her best fit college, and
  • CONFIDENCE building experiences that encourage her to pursue the college major and career path of her choice.

Young Women’s Prep raises seed funding to support school enhancements designed to achieve the outcomes outlined above, and simultaneously, builds a coalition of local supporters to ensure the necessary enhancements continue in perpetuity.

Students who score a 3 or higher on an AP Exam typically earn higher GPAs in college, have higher graduation rates, and are more likely to graduate college within 5-years. However, students from low-income and minority backgrounds have disproportionately limited access to these rigorous course offerings. In addition, young women are significantly underrepresented among STEM AP exam takers. For example, in 2013, only 19% of AP Computer Science test takers were female, only 9% were Latino, and only 3% were African American. (Ericson 2013)

On Young Women’s Prep Campuses, academic rigor and AP participation are priorities. Our campuses have over a 90% participation rate in AP courses and 95%-100% of our students graduate with the Texas Success Initiative “College Ready” distinction.

Low-income and first generation students need more than academic preparation to break the generational cycles in their families: they need guidance through the admissions and financial aid process. Without this support, these students generally end their education after high school or default to 2-year colleges. When they do enroll in 4-year colleges, low-income and first generation students are nearly two times more likely to attend a less selective college than their academic achievement merits. (Bowen 2009)

This is problematic because students who start at 4-year colleges are more likely to graduate from college than those who start at 2-year colleges and their chances of obtaining a bachelor’s degree increase even further when a student enrolls immediately into to a selective college or university.

100% of Young Women’s Prep Graduates are accepted into 4-year colleges and universities. 94% of our students enroll in college the semester after high school graduation and the majority of our students enroll in selective institutions including the University of Texas at Austin, Austin College, Texas A&M University, and Southern Methodist University. Our 146 class of 2014 graduates earned 15.8 million in merit based aid.

Although girls take and succeed in secondary school math and science courses at a rate similar (and sometimes higher) than boys, women make up less than 25% of those in STEM career fields. (U.S. Department of Education 2012). Graduates with STEM majors are among the most sought after graduates and receive many of the highest paid job offers. All-girls campuses provide a unique opportunity for our young women to operate outside of any perceived societal gender biases. By default, all of our campus leaders, top science and math students, and social influencers are young women. In addition, our school leaders promote the ideals of limitless possibilities for young women.